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Decree No. 99/2010/ND-CP on the policy on payment for forest environment services.

This Decree provides for the policy on payment of forest environment services which include: soil protection, restriction of erosion and sedimentation of reservoirs, rivers and streams; regulation and maintenance of water sources; forest carbon sequestration and retention, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; protection of natural landscapes and conservation of biodiversity of ecosystems; and provision of spawning grounds, sources of feed and natural seeds and use of water from forests for aquaculture.The Decree further provides for: providers and users of forest environment services; management and use of the payment for forest environment services; rights and obligations of providers and users of forest environment services; responsibilities of state management agencies at all levels for the payment of forest environment services; etc.

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  • Viet Nam
Document reference # Decree No. 99/2010/ND-CP
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  • The Government
  • English
  • Vietnamese
Formal type of document Decree
  • Environment and natural resources
  • Forests and forestry
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Status Signed and in effect
Adoption date/Enacted/Promulgation date/Signing date September 24, 2010
Effective/Enforced Date January 1, 2011
Publication reference Công Báo Số. 585-586, 10/10/2010, trang 21-32 Official gazette Nos. 585-586, 10 October 2010, pp. 21-32
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Keywords forest management/forest conservation,erosion,protection forest,royalties/fees,soil conservation/soil improvement,freshwater resources management,ecosystem preservation,quản lý rừng / bảo tồn rừng,xói mòn,bảo vệ rừng,tiền bản quyền / phí,bảo tồn đất / cải tạo đất,đa dạng sinh học,quản lý tài nguyên nước ngọt,bảo tồn hệ sinh thái
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