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Strong Roots: Understanding the Importance of Myanmar’s Indigenous Women as Leaders in Developing Climate Change Solutions

បោះពុម្ពផ្សាយដោយ៖ Open Development Myanmar

Indigenous women play an important yet often unappreciated role in forest protection all over the world. The publication include a series of essays predominately written by Indigenous women from Myanmar who show as indigenous women themselves. As the essays in this book show, Myanmar’s Indigenous women’s unique knowledge means they should be at the forefront of discussions about climate change – however they are currently not playing a central role.

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មើល​ធនធានទិន្នន័យ - August 2020 Strong Roots

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អ្នកបោះពុម្ពផ្សាយ The International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA)
កាលបរិច្ឆេទបោះពុម្ព 2020

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