Inle Lake, Long Term Restoration & Conservation Plan

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The Plan is based on adoption of a “Community Based Approach” to resource management, with the realization that no Plan or Project involving communities can succeed if the communities are not empowered to take charge as “owners”, given a lead role in decision making and provisions made for their wholehearted participation in its implementation. This approach has been adopted taking into consideration the following actions: - Adopting a Watershed Approach for conservation and sustainable development of the Lake and its Watershed areas. - Integrating Biodiversity conservation as a priority consideration into Developmental Planning to minimize impacts on the ecosystems and species endemism. - Peoples’ Participatory Approach to mobilize local communities within the Lake and its Watershed areas, to take ownership of this Long Term Restoration and Conservation Plan and its realization. To actively assume a keen interest and lead role in all activities concerning implementation of the Plan. - Adopting proactive measures to address problems at the source while they are manageable; rather than assume a reactive attitude of addressing crisis situations arising as a result of neglect, as curative measures. - Revive and incorporate Indigenous Knowledge and Traditional Practices relating to Watershed Management and Biodiversity conservation that are practical, applicable and cost effective. - Apply Knowledge Based Techniques through Research and Development. - Conduct effective Monitoring and Evaluation on a regular basis. - Develop a strong and capable Institutional Framework that will be instilled with professional dedication and motivation.

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មើល​ធនធានទិន្នន័យ - Long Term Restoration & Conservation Plan

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