Impacts and Effectiveness of Logging Bans in Natural Forests: Thailand

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At the seventeenth session the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC), member countries requested FAO to implement a study of the efficacy of removing natural forests from timber production as a strategy for conserving forests. The objectives were to: • investigate past and current experiences of Asia-Pacific countries in removing natural forests from timber production as a strategy for conserving forests; • assess the policy, economic, environmental, and social implications of implementing logging bans and other timber harvesting restrictions; and • identify conditions necessary for the successful implementation of logging bans or likely to enhance successful implementation. The APFC requested the study to better understand the role of logging bans and similar restrictions on timber harvesting imposed to conserve natural forests. Such actions have been taken by many countries in the region and are under consideration by several others in the face of continuing deforestation and increased emphasis on forest conservation.

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This is a part of the report entitled, "Forests Out of Bounds: Impacts and Effectiveness of Logging Bans in Natural Forests in Asia-Pacific" RAP PUBLICATION 2001/08.

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