Efficacy of Removing Natural Forests from Timber Production as a Strategy for Conserving Forests

បោះពុម្ពផ្សាយដោយ៖ Voices for Mekong Forest

Several countries of the Asia-Pacific region have imposed total or partial logging bans (or similar restrictions on timber harvesting) in response to the rapid decline of natural forests. These actions, often taken in response to natural disasters, have been seen as a strategy to protect and conserve forests. Other countries in the region are considering harvest bans or restrictions, along with other strategies, to further forest conservation. These countries may look to experience elsewhere for indications of the efficacy of such measures. The seventeenth session Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) requested FAO to implement a "Study of the Efficacy of Removing Natural Forests from Timber Production as a Strategy for Conserving Forests".

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