The Set of Socio-Environmental Indicators for Provincial Planning and Implementation of REDD+, 2015

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Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD +) is an international initiative that focuses on the role of forests as a mitigation measure for global climate change. In Vietnam, for the implementation of the National REDD + Action Plan, the Government has requested provinces to develop a Provincial Action Plan for REDD + (PRAP), however, there are no specific guideline for identification, assessment on the advantages or risks to be integrated into the selection of location, planning, implementation and monitoring. During the period of three years (2012-2015), the People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) has collaborated with the VNU-Central Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (CRES, Hanoi National University), Tropenbos Viet Nam organization (TBI), with the technical support of Dr. Pamela McElwee, Rutgers University (USA) to research, design and develop a set of socio-environmental indicators for Provincial REDD + implementation, briefly referred to as RESI. Basically, this set of indicators helps identify and assess the current status and socio-environmental conditions that may affect, either positively or negatively, the implementation of REDD + in the context of each specific locality.

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មើល​ធនធានទិន្នន័យ - The Set of Socio-Environmental Indicators for Provincial Planning and Implementation of REDD+, 2015

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