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  • Airports of Cambodia

    This dataset show about the point location of airports both international and national airports in Cambodia. The points also have additional information including attributes (na...

  • How China’s power companies invest overseas

    China’s power infrastructure investment comes in multiple forms, all of which entail different risks

  • Y Complex Co., Ltd._Environmental Impact Assessment for Y Complex Project

    This report has been prepared by a third party, E Guard Environmental Services Co., Ltd. for Y Complex Co., Ltd. for the project of Y Complex Project located at Plot No. 11-A/15...

  • Myanmar: unlocking the potential

    The Asian Development Bank's country diagnostic study on Myanmar's economic development, published the Asian Development Bank, Mandaluyong City, Philippines, 2014.

  • Public transportation

    "This dataset contains a number of bus stops along with three different lines of the public service bus operated and provided by Phnom Penh Capital Hall’s City Bus. The first op...

  • Lao PDR Country Report

    This report provides a comprehensive picture of the infrastructure situation and policy in LAO PDR and gives an analysis of fundamental problems. Laos aims to achieve its ambit...

  • Draft Strategy for Denmark’s Cooperation with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

    This Strategy for the cooperation between Denmark and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) forms the basis for the Danish contributions to the organisation, and it is...

  • The World Bank in Lao PDR: Overview

    The webpage provides an overview of the state of social development in Lao PDR.

  • 58 Sub-Basins in Myanmar

    WMS Resources for layers: 58 Sub-Basins in Myanmar

  • Airports of Thailand

    Airport locations in Thailand including attributes (name, type ICAO and IATA code).

  • Economic Corridors of Laos

    Transboundary roads declared GMS transport corridors (existing, planned and potential)

  • Airports of Vietnam

    Airport locations in Vietnam including attributes (name, type ICAO and IATA code).

  • AidData’s Chinese Official Finance in Three Ecologically Sensitive Areas, Level 1, Version 1.01

    This is the 1.0.1 version of the Level 1 product, of a sub-nationally georeferenced dataset of Chinese official finance activities between 2000 and 2014 in three ecologically se...

  • Airports of Vietnam

    A geospatial point dataset containing all known airports in Vietnam. It contains geospatial coordinates, object code, name, city, type, ICAO and IATA code .

  • Road and railway networks and market density

    The Commune Database is produced by the NCDD (National Committee for Subnational Democratic Development). This file contains excerpts of the Database, namely the road and railwa...

  • Railway station of Vietnam

    A geospatial point dataset containing all known railway stations in Vietnam. It contains geospatial coordinates, object code, station's name.

  • Laos to build Don Sahong dam (thanks to Chinese help)

    The Laotian government officially announces the construction of the dam. Once completed, it will likely affect the lives of at least 60 million people, damaging crops and ecosys...

  • Roads, Bridges, Ports and People

    During some of the heaviest bombing the world has ever seen, roads, bridges and ports were obliterated in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia. Today, in a dramatic reversal of fortune, ...

  • Infrastructure to aid Mekong development

    Construction of two bridges linking Cao Lãnh City and Lấp Vò District in Đồng Tháp Province and Đồng Tháp with Cần Thơ, which are under way, will be a big boost to transportatio...

  • Export Performance and Trade Facilitation Reform

    The authors estimate the impact of aggregate indicators of “soft” and “hard” infrastructure on the export performance of developing countries. They build four new indicators fo...

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