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Complete environmental impact assessment report for Lower Sesan 2 hydropower project in Stung Treng province, Cambodia (Final report)

The main purpose of the Lower Sesan II hydropower project is to meet the medium- and long-term energy needs of the Kingdom of Cambodia, as well as to export some energy in excess of demand. The project also responds to the Rectangular Strategy of the Third Mandate Government, which deals with the development of the energy sector to meet the demand for low-cost electricity. Another important purpose is to ensure that energy generation and its positive impact on the nation are carefully weighed against the negative environmental and social impacts it will cause, especially on the upstream area. Downstream and upstream of the project area.

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Party's obligation in the implementation of the project

The Lower Sesan II hydropower project includes the following key components: • The main dam is an earthen dam with a uniform length of 8 km, 83 m (compared to sea level) and 8 m wide. In front of the river, the dam is made of reinforced concrete. • Power plant on the left bank equipped with 5 turbines, each with a capacity of 80 MW • Rectangular span structure with dimensions of 15m x 16m and 12 gates in accordance with the hydrological analysis of the river flow. • Reservoirs with a storage capacity of 1.79 billion cubic meters and a submerged area of 335 km2 when the water level in the reservoir reaches a height of 75 m. • Other accessories include water inlet, shutter valve, 220Kv switch yard, tailrace drain, administration building and operating building. • Other construction compensation for project construction - Land and rock excavation site is located in the project reservoir area - The sand extraction site from the first site is 500 meters behind the dam and the second site is on the Srepok River in front of the dam, more than 3 km. - Solid waste management: Construction of landfills in each project location based on the waste management standards of the Ministry of Environment after filling and compacted soil. - Toilets: Build toilets suitable for workers and staff, the whole project, and the site and accommodation. - Sewage: Build a mixed reservoir to collect wastewater from various activities of the project, including wastewater from homes, with disinfectants if necessary. - Water supply (drinking water): Water purification, filtration, and disinfection and is provided to purify the Sesan River water for cooking and eating needs. - Power supply: Use the generator of the project.

Job creation summary

The project will provide employment to Cambodian workers, especially to local people in the community, who can work as construction workers during the construction of the project. Hundreds to thousands of Cambodian people will have the opportunity to work for the project during the construction period 4 To 5 years. Based on the construction analysis, the project will need to recruit the total number of workers and staff according to the following time: 2010 = 500 people, 2011 = 2000 people, 2012 = 3000 people, 2013 = 3000 people, 2014 = 1000 people.

Number of created jobs 3000.0
Environmental protection obligation

Reduce the size of the reservoir by reducing the height of the dam by the water level in the basin not exceeding 75 m to minimize the residential area with agricultural land, concessions and existing residential areas of the four communes in Sesan district. The location of the dam should be constructed at the first option location, 1.5 km below the stream from the confluence of the Sesan and Srae pok rivers. Resettlement areas should be located where there is no conflict or danger to the social and environmental resources in the area. The location design and include earthquake protection in the project area. Planning and budgeting are essential for first aid to victims if this happens. Project design should be designed to reduce flooding in order to reduce deforestation, agricultural land, housing, land and forest concessions. The construction of the road between the bridge requires compensation for this section of road and the bridge lost by the project. Selection of access roads between National Road 78 and resettlement areas and located in areas that do not adversely affect natural resources and society in the area.

Socio-cultural protection

Positive impacts on the environment and society include: -Electricity: 400 MW turbine and total power 1953.9 GWh -Rural Infrastructure: The project will build a new road to the bypass and bridge project area on the east side of the Sesan River to connect the resettlement area of ​​Srekor village and Khsach Thmey village. The project also builds all community facilities in the resettlement area, including community schools, pagodas, roads, and wells, to a number and standards equivalent to or better than what will be destroyed in the village, which will be flooded. -Employment: Employment for community workers/people from 2010 to 2014 with a total of approximately 9,500 - Tourism: Natural resources in and around the lake, infrastructure projects, and visits to hydropower plants, fishing -Revenue: Selling local products, tourism activities, construction contractors -Economy: Develop Cambodia's infrastructure, including industry/handicraft, agriculture, and tourism in the region, paying taxes to the Royal Government of Cambodia through investment law contracts".

Environmental fund summary

The total budget for environmental and social impacts is 77,860,084.00 USD and the total estimated budget for the environmental monitoring program of the whole project is 135,240.00 USD.

Total amount of environmental funds 77860084.0
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