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  • Political declaration of the high-level political forum on sustainable development convened under the auspices of the General Assembly

    Resolution on the way to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. UN gearing up for a decade of action and delivery for sustainable development.

  • Data for Development: The Road Ahead

    This report is the result of the Data, Artificial Intelligence and Society workshop that took place in Montevideo, Uruguay in March 2020 and was co-hosted by ILDA and IDRC. The ...

  • Asian Development Bank and Thailand: Factsheet

    This dataset has no description

  • Hydropower Development and Right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) of Indigenous Peoples

    The Sunuwar Welfare Society (SWS) would like to express its sincere thanks to those who helped and played a crucial role in the completion of this study, especially the Koĩts ...

  • Support to the implementation of the Resolution 80/NQ-CP on directions of sustainable poverty reduction 2011-2020 and the National Targeted Program on Sustainable Poverty Reduction 2012-2016

    This is a web archived for UNDP's support to the implementation of the Resolution 80/NQ-CP on directions of sustainable poverty reduction 2011-2020 and the National Targeted Pro...

  • IFAD Committed to Continuing Partnership with Vietnam to Reduce Poverty

    This is a web archived describing International Fund for Agricultural Development's 25 years in partnership with Vietnam in combating poverty and its commitment in the years to...

  • New World Bank Financing to Bolster Vietnam's Efforts to Spur Rural Development

    This is an archived webpage describing a media release on Worldbank's $153 million in concessional financing to support Vietnam’s National Target Programs (NTPs) for rural devel...

  • Measuring Capacity

    What is the measure of capacity? This paper on Measuring Capacity attempts to help development practitioners unbundle this question. First, by defining the starting point: an in...

  • The World Bank Aid Projects in Vietnam

    This dataset includes the information of the World Bank aid projects for Vietnam. The data is obtained from D-Portal, a view of all IATI (International Aid Transparency Initiati...

  • Decision No. 156 on the joint monitoring indicators 2019-2023

    To promulgate the implementation of the Joint Monitoring Indicators 2019-2023 which is attached to this decision to promote mutual accountability between the Royal Government of...

  • Baseline Data-set

    The MIMU have been tracking more than 200 indicators from various sources and the dataset is available through their website.

  • Readiness of Myanmar’s Official Statistics for the Sustainable Development Goals: Joint data assessment by the Central Statistical Organization and UNDP

    This report examines the availability of data necessary to measure all indicators within the SDG framework. The approach of this data assessment, generally speaking, is to class...

  • Asian Development Bank and Myanmar factsheet

    Updated yearly, this fact sheet provides social and economic indicators on Myanmar as well as concise information on the Asian Development Bank's operations in the country and c...

  • The Lao PDR - United Nations Partnership Framework (2017-2021)

    The Lao PDR – UN Partnership Framework (UNPF) is an articulation of the shared commitment of UN Country Team to work together as one, to maximize its resources and contributions...

  • Sector assistance program evaluation for the energy sector in the Lao Peoples' Democratic Republic

    Evaluates the areas and effectiveness of the Asian Development Bank's investment into the Lao energy sector.

  • From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals [opinion]

    The article provides an analysis on the difficulties of transitioning from the MDGs to SDGs, and the progress developing countries have made in doing so.

  • 2016 Progress Report: United Nations Development Assistance Framework in Lao PDR

    This report covers key development trends and results achieved under the UN Development Assistance Framework 2012-2016, as well as challenges, lessons learned and way forward. I...

  • Lao PDR Mobilizing ethnic communities for improved livelihoods and wellbeing

    A summary of a World Bank project focused on community-level assistance and empowerment programs.

  • Opinion Piece: “We are poor, not blind”

    This comment piece is responding to the statement by Professor Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights on his visit to Lao PDR, 18-28 March 2019

  • 8th Five-Year National Socio-Economic Development Plan (2016–2020)

    The 8th Five-Year National Socio-economic Development Plan (2016–2020) “8th NSEDP” is a mean to implement the resolutions of the 10th Party Conference that also emphasizes the a...

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