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Tracking public revenues from extractive industry in Cambodia

This dataset has been compiled with references and the data collected has been researched by searching for existing data identified by companies with active websites and companies which had license in 2020 identifies as companies that are still active in mining exploration in Cambodia. Data classification of this dataset includes: 1. Government Data Complete Information Obtained From Official Government Sources, With Official Legal Documentation, In The Four Identification Fields: A. Company Name; B. Location; C. GPS Coordinates And/Or Analog Map; And D. Purpose (Crop, Ore, Etc.) 2. Government Data Partial Information Obtained From Official Government Sources, With Legal Documentation, But Missing One Or More Of The Following Identification Fields: A. Company Name; B. Location; C. GPS Coordinates And/Or Analog Map; And D. Purpose (Crop, Ore, Etc.) 3. Secondary Sources Information obtained from the concessionaire (company/entity) or from government source(s) without legal documentation. 4. Other Data Information Obtained From Any Other Source In Public Domain (Including Documentation From Photographs, Etc.). For revenue and expenditure data are divided into two sources from the news and environmental impact assessment (EIA).

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Data Resource Preview - Tracking public revenues from mining in Cambodia (English)

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Completeness This interactive map contains all of the data that is currently available to ODC and is not exhaustive. Projects or areas with publicly known boundaries are mapped as polygons; those without publicly known boundaries are represented as dots on the map. The dots are placed in the center of the closest known geographical area and thus do not represent exact locations. The development landscape is constantly changing, and there are also additional developments for which data is not available. While ODC takes every effort to ensure that the details in this map are accurate and up to date, some of the projects or areas marked on the map may have since been modified or cancelled since the map was published. Moreover, additional developments may have been approved that are not yet included here.
Process Step Available data was collected from many sources by ODC’s mappers such as government documents, news, company profiles, NGO reports and other publications in pdf and shapefile formats. The data in pdf format was then transformed to shapefile format by geo referencing, and digitizing. The data in shapefile then transformed to SQLITE format was finally exported to DB_TABLE, and WMS that can download as KML, Shapefile and GEOJSON files.
Lineage The mining concession data available on ODC's website are from various sources: Announcement, Prakas, Royal gazette, Mining licenses from Ministry of Industry Mines and Energy, online database, Mining companyand other reports.
Responsible party Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) Address: 51, 79-89 Pasteur, Sangkat Phsar Thmey3, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh Tel. 023 219 574 Fax 023 219 584 E-Mail: Website:
Metadata creator information Metadata was last updated on 2023-16-05. For inquiries, contact: Open Development Cambodia Email: Website: Address: #23B ,St. 606, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Attributes map_id: map identification number; min_name: mining concession; name in_country: investor country; address: company address; dir_name: director name; dir_nation: director nationality; mining_reg: mining registration; com_web: company website; con_date: contract date; issu_minis: issue ministry; con_size_h: concession size in hectare; duration: duration of mining license; inv_intent: Investor intention; commodity: commodity; min_status: mining status; imp_status: implementation status; eia_date: environmental impact assessment; date eia_status: environmental impact assessment status; area_name: area name; province: province; district: district; commune: commune; data_class: data classification; reference: reference; last_updat: last update​; captial_in: Capital investment (USD) re_min_pro: Company revenue of mineral product (USD) profit: Company profit (USD) corp_tax: Corperate tax (USD) ex_tax: Export tax (USD) royalty: Royalty (USD) fee_expfee: Fee for land for mining exploration (USD) area_rent: Area rental fee (USD) ex_envi_soc: Social, environmental fund and other monitoring, evaluation and capacity building (USD) year_data: Year of referencing data ex_produc: Annual expenditure on production

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Date uploaded February 7, 2023, 09:16 (UTC)
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