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List of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)​ Companies in Cambodia

The purpose of compiling the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) dataset for Cambodia is to provide a comprehensive and insightful overview of corporate initiatives that have a significant impact on the social and environmental well-being of the country. The dataset encompasses a diverse range of CSR projects across various sectors, addressing key issues that are of utmost importance within the Cambodian context and offering a clear understanding of the substantial efforts made by companies to contribute positively to society and the environment. This dataset is collected through the websites of companies or news outlets that contain pages or reports on CSR that are available to the public.

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Data Resource Preview - List of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)​ Companies in Cambodia (Khmer)

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Dataset topic category
  • Investment
  • Major companies and projects
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • English
  • Khmer
Use limitations By accessing this website or database, users agree to take full responsibility for reliance on any site information provided and to hold harmless and waive any and all liability against individuals or entities associated with its development, form, and content for any loss, harm, or damage suffered as a result of its use.
Dataset reference date January 2, 2024
Temporal extent's start date January 2, 2024
  • Cambodia
Positional Accuracy There are no known issues with accuracy.
Attribute Accuracy There are no known issues with attribute accuracy.
Logical Consistency The mixed details and information of the dataset come from a variety of sources. Mostly, gathering information of the sources has been drawn from publicly available websites. In the context from reliable sources, the dataset has been identified its accurate information, depending on the evidences of the stated sources.
Completeness The primary factor determining the quality of the dataset is its level of completeness. This is crucial for accurately representing the underlying information relevant to the CSR context. It should be noted that certain information from some CSR pages is currently unavailable. To improve this dataset, it is important to consider a progressive approach in updating and aggregating non-spatial data. Amendments to the dataset can be made as soon as additional information becomes available and is collected.
Process Step This aggregate dataset was accumulated and compiled by Open Development Cambodia (ODC) teams from sources, highlighting from company websites and reports. Data is collected from each company's CSR website source then transforms into a google document file. Next, the data will display in the available download CSV formats CSV in the ODC web portal.
Responsible party Open Development Cambodia​ Organization Address: #23B St. 606, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Email: Website:
Metadata creator information Metadata last updated on 2024-01-02. For inquiries contact: Open Development Cambodia Organization Address: #23B St. 606, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Email: Website:
Attributes id:ID; com_name: Company name; type_in: Type of investment; in_sector: Industrial sector; csr_page: CSR page availability; csr_in_tag: CSR Initiative Tags; ment_sdg: Mentioned SDG; sdg_tag: SDG Tags; web_url: Website URL; csr_url: CSR URL; link_arch: Link web archive CSR page; reference: Reference; last_updat: Last update
Update Frequency as needed
License Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike
Copyright Yes
Version 1
Keywords CSR
Date uploaded January 2, 2024, 07:26 (UTC)
Date modified June 26, 2024, 06:42 (UTC)