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  • Commune/sangkat budget in 2020

    This dataset shows the expenditures and revenues in 2020 of each commune in the targeted communes/sangkat under the Implementation of Social Accountability Framework (ISAF).

  • Sub-national infrastructure project implementation in Cambodia (2014-2019)

    This dataset shows the​ number of project, contract, total project cost estimated and total contract value of sub-national infrastructure in Cambodia from 2014-2019 which extrac...

  • Higher Education Institutions in Laos

    This dataset shows the 11 public and private higher education institutions in Laos.

  • Provincial investment plan in piped water supply

    The dataset of Provincial Investment Plan in Piped Water Supply (PIP) Study was conducted by Investing in Infrastructure (3i) program in 2020 funded by Australian Aid. The study...

  • COVID-19 development in Vietnam and 10 neighboring countries in Asia

    The data set provides numbers of COVID-19 infections in Vietnam and some neighboring countries in Asia. In the data set in Vietnam, there is a classification of the total number...

  • Dataset on covid-19 in Vietnam by provinces and by time

    Data on covid-19 is collected from the Ministry of Health of Vietnam on the total number of infections, deaths and new infections by day.

  • Registering property indicator, 2020

    Four of Laos' property indicators from the World Bank Doing Business report, 2020 (page 26-27). Collated for the Laos Land page:

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Vietnam by provinces

    This dataset shows the cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Vietnam. The dataset information will be updated according to the announcements from the ministry of health in Vietnam....

  • Law table containing metadata options for law forms

    Dataset containing a series of CSV resources containing re-usable data exposed over the datastore api for the ODI law metadata forms.

  • Higher Education Institutions in Myanmar

    This dataset shows the location of 213 higher educational institutions (institute, college, and university) in Myanmar.

  • Special economic zone in Cambodia (2006-2020)

    This dataset describes the information of special economic zone (SEZ) in Cambodia from 2006 to 2020. The total number of 46 SEZs are recorded in point that data was collected fr...

  • World Heritage Sites in Thailand

    List of cultural and natural heritage sites listed on the World Heritage List Under the Convention on the Protection of Cultural and Natural World Heritage Sites or the World He...

  • Greater Mekong Subregion Airports

    A geospatial dataset describing airports in the Greater Mekong Subregion. It contains 165 airports including attributes (name, type, ICAO and IATA code).

  • Global Critical Habitat

    This layer identifies areas of likely or potential Critical Habitat, as defined by the International Finance Corporation Performance Standard 6 (IFC PS6). The screening layer is...

  • Road Networks in Laos 2021 (OpenStreetMap)

    This data represents the road network (primary, secondary and tertiary level) in Laos based on the OSM database as on 15 July 2021.

  • Casualties by States and Regions in Myanmar

    This data shows the number of casualties in Myanmar 2019.

  • Percentage of Poverty and Vulnerable Group in Myanmar 2020

    This data shows the percentage of poverty and vulnerable group in Myanmar 2020.

  • COVID-19 Vaccination in Laos (updated on 07/05/2021)

    This dataset includes the number of COVID-19 vaccinated and fully vaccinated people by provinces in Laos according to the Centre of Information and Education for Health, the Min...

  • Myanmar Citizens Investment of Permitted Enterprises 2019

    This data shows the domestic investment of Myanmar in 2019. The units are million Kyat and million USD.

  • The transportation Vehicles in Vietnam

    Traffic statistics in Vietnam are from December 2016 to the present time. The data includes the number of vehicles registered with the Registry of Vietnam and is counted on a mo...

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