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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Cambodia

    The sources from the official Facebook​ of Ministry of Health, Communicable Disease Control Department (CDC) and other collection of notifications from the Ministry of Health to...

  • Master plan for COVID-19 vaccination campaign nationwide

    The master plan for the COVID-19 vaccination campaign sets out strategies, actions, and procedures to be implemented to promote COVID-19 vaccination in a nationwide manner that ...

  • Strategic plan for the national COVID-19 vaccination campaign to establish socio-economic immunity in Cambodia by 2021

    The strategic plan for the national COVID-19 vaccination campaign, which refers to socio-economic immunity establishment in Cambodia by 2021, is a key component contributing to ...

  • Indigenous Peoples' Data During COVID-19: From External to Internal

    This paper explores the particular issues that COVID-19 has highlighted for Indigenous Peoples focusing on data for governance. Drawing on current global examples, we underscore...

  • Laos Confirmed Cases of Covid19

    It is a collection of archived news websites about the number of confirmed cases of Covid19 in Laos.

  • Global burden of disease study 2019 (GBD 2019) results

    On the website of Global Health Data Exchange, there is a tool used to show the result of Global Burden of Disease Study Results which contain complex data related to the health...

  • Technical Evaluation of Bluezone - Electronic Mask

    This is an evaluation summary of Bluezone, the official Vietnamese COVID-19 contact tracing app, which is sponsored by the government of Vietnam and developed and operated by BK...

  • Detail about Confirmed Cases of Covid19 in Laos

    It is a archived website about the number of confirmed cases of Covid19 from the official government website in Laos.

  • Internews Social Media Rumour Bulletin

    Collection of bulletins on misinformation/disinformation/rumours spread by social media, collected by Internews, on the COVID-19 pandemic

  • National guidelines on minimum package of activities for health center development 2008-2015

    The purposes of this guidelines are to provide a comprehensive guidance on Minimum Package of Activity (MPA) services and some essential activities to be provided by health cent...

  • Pyrethroid Insecticide Exposure in School-Aged Children Living in Rice and Aquacultural Farming Regions of Thailand

    This dataset has no description


    This dataset has no description

  • National guidelines on complementary package of activities for referral hospital development 2014

    National Guidelines on Complementary Package of Activities for Referral Hospital is a standard for a referral district hospital, referring to facility, equipment, supplies, huma...

  • List of reserved hospitals for COVID-19 in capital city and provinces in Cambodia

    The list of reservations for CODVID-19 in capital city and provinces in Cambodia was issued by the General Department of Clean Water of the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts,...

  • Archived web content on national hospitals of the ministry of health

    This web archived shows the information and structure of national hospital in Cambodia which is included Calmette Hospital, Preah Ang Duong Hospital, Cambodia - China Friend Pre...

  • The effects of hydropower dams on the hydrology of the Mekong Basin

    A research paper by Hecht, J. and Lacombe, G on The effects of hydropower dams on the hydrology of the Mekong Basin published in 2014 by CGIAR Research Program - WLE Greater Mek...

  • Contact number of director of municipal-provincial health department

    This resource is a list of contact numbers of the director of municipal-provincial health department for health and virus COVID-19 issues.

  • National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS

    The Republic of the Union of Myanmar’s aims to eliminate stigma and discrimination National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS 2016– and ensure maximum access to essential 2020 is the s...

  • Dengue deaths, cases rise in Myanmar

    This article gives an update on the current dengue situation in Myanmar.

  • Data quality and timeliness of outbreak reporting system among countries in Greater Mekong subregion: Challenges for international data sharing

    Cross-border disease transmission is a key challenge for prevention and control of out- breaks. Variation in surveillance structure and national guidelines used in different cou...

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