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Topics: Ethnic minorities and indigenous people policy and rights

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  • Cybersecurity in the Mekong region: An Analysis of the Legal Framework and Recommendations for the Protection of Indigenous Environmental Human Rights Defenders

    This article reviews the existing legal frameworks regulating cyber security and its applications in the Mekong countries with special focus on IEHRDs; to identify specific risk...

  • Strong Roots: Understanding the Importance of Myanmar’s Indigenous Women as Leaders in Developing Climate Change Solutions

    Indigenous women play an important yet often unappreciated role in forest protection all over the world. The publication include a series of essays predominately written by I...

  • Challenges and opportunities of recognizing and protecting customary tenure systems in Viet Nam

    This policy brief was developed in order to enable a meaningful engagement and policy dialogue with government institutions and other relevant stakeholders about challenges and ...

  • CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance

    The CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance are people and purpose-oriented, reflecting the crucial role of data in advancing Indigenous innovation and self-determination.

  • Thai ethnical groups who must not be forgotten

    After Thai society had conflicts, a group of intellectuals fled the city and went to the jungle, and meet with other ethnic groups who do not call themselves Thai. But it is a K...

  • Global warming scapegoat: A new punishment measure imposed on indigenous peoples for practicing their sustainable traditional livelihood activities

    A brief about the Government of Thailand's arrest of two Karen farmers as they cleared fields for shifting cultivation, their traditional method of farming. The authors raise co...

  • Drivers of Deforestation?Facts to be considered regarding the impact of shifting cultivation in Asia

    An estimated 260 million indigenous peoples live in Asia1. Most of them inhabit forested uplands where a large number of them practice shifting cultivation, which is also called...

  • Learning lessons and skills in Indigenous Media Advocacy

    A report on the skills sharing exchange program of indigenous voices in Asia.

  • REDD+ and Indigenous Peoples: A Briefing Paper for Policy Makers

    This report describes the process of REDD+, its implications for indigenous peoples, and its applications for policy makers and governments.

  • Drivers of deforestation? Facts to be considered regarding the impact of shifting cultivation in Asia

    This document examines issues surrounding shifting cultivation, including: -Key findings of research on shifting cultivation, underpinning the dire need to earnestly consider i...

  • REDD+ and Indigenous Peoples: A briefing paper for policy makers

    This dataset has no description

  • Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) in REDD+ for Indigenous Peoples - Training Manual

    This manual aims to build the capacities of the indigenous peoples, networks and organizations to advocate and work for the effective implementation of FPIC for indigenous peopl...

  • Research on the roles and contributions of indigenous women in sustainable forest management in Mekong countries/Asia

    Overview and summary of country-level research in Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar regarding the role of indigenous women in sustainable forest management.

  • Women's Land Rights and Agrarian Change: Evidence from Indigenous Communities in Cambodia

    This research analyses the ways in which current changes in land tenure, agrarian and socio-economic systems are reshaping resource allocations and transfers within households ...

  • Final Report of the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State

    The final report of the Advisory Commission chaired by Kofi Annan puts forward recommendations to surmount the political, socio-economic and humanitarian challenges that current...

  • The Kheshorter: Indigenous Karen’s Community Forest

    To mark the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, the Karen Environmental and Social Action Network (KESAN) and the Kawthoolei Forestry Department (KFD) of the Ka...

  • Lao PDR: Health Sector Governance Program

    The proposed Health Sector Governance Program will be implemented nationally with the overarching goal to increase access, quality, and utilization of essential health services,...

  • Ethno-linguistic diversity and disadvantage

    This paper examines various aspects of the living standards of Lao PDR‘s ethnic minority groups relative to that of the historically dominant Lao-Tai ethno-linguistic group. Th...

  • The situation of ethnic minorities in Laos

    A brief overview of the break down of ethnic and language groups in Laos.

  • Laos and ethnic minority cultures promoting heritage

    An analysis of attempts to promote and preserve minority cultural legacies within the Lao PDR.

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