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Topics: Livelihood rights

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  • Unusual partnerships: Lessons for landscapes and livelihoods from the Doe Mae Salong landscape, Thailand

    This paper describes the interventions undertaken in the Doe Mao Salong watershed in an effort to restore the landscape and improve the livelihoods of local communities. Interve...

  • Journal of forest and livelihood

    The Journal of Forest and Livelihood aims to inform environmental policy process by facilitating dialogue among politicians, professionals, activists, researchers and policy makers

  • Land concession induced livelihood changes: Research on land and livelihood impacts from land concession from mono-culture tree plantation

    This research was done to contribute to the debate on the economic concession model by providing local people's perspectives and experiences of the plantations, as well as to fo...

  • Land concessions, land tenure, and livelihood change: Plantation development in Attapeu province, southern Laos

    This paper seeks to add to the growing literature on land concessions by examining a recent, high-level concession as a means of understanding three aspects related to concessio...

  • Food security and livelifood improvement through sustainable agriculture and community based natural resource management

    Purpose to set up Community Forestry is to protect rights on land/forest and to protect precious spieces

  • The use of wild-type forestry products in Huaylek and hounnoy village Luangprabang Province

    To provide technical training and practical training to project staff and regular staff

  • How Land Concessions Affect Places Elsewhere: Telecoupling, Political Ecology, and Large-Scale Plantations in Southern Laos and Northeastern Cambodia

    Over the last decade considerable research has been conducted on the development and the impacts of large-scale economic land concession s for plantations in Laos and Cambodia.

  • Importance of natural resources of land, water and forests for human life

    Importance of natural resources of land, water and forests for human life

  • Land Reform, Livelihoods and Poverty in Vietnam - Background Paper Prepared for Oxfam in Vietnam

    The purpose of this background paper is to provide Oxfam with information, analysis and recommendations on a number of land-related issues in Vietnam which can then be used to d...

  • Watermelons, bars and trucks: dangerous intersections in Northwest Lao PDR

    In the course of conducting this research many people contributed substantial assistance. We wish to thank the many villagers, traders, townspeople who gave so freel...

  • Developing a better living environment.

    Developing a better living environment.

  • Subsistence-oriented rice farming in the rainfed lowlands of central and southern Laos—a policy dilemma

    Despite rapid economic, social and political change in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) in recent decades, the cultivation of glutinous rice for subsistence remains th...

  • Rural Development in Mountainous Ares of Northern Lao PDR (RDMA)

    Rural Development in Mountainous Ares of Northern Lao PDR (RDMA)

  • Quantitative Indicators for Common Property Tenure Security

    Secure access to natural resources through systems of common property forms the basis for the livelihoods of many of the world’s poor.

  • Baseline on villages’ livelihood and vulnerability status 2016

    Understanding village trajectories - Characterizing village diversity - Assessing vulnerability - Identifying leverage point to increaseresilience

  • impact-of-land-use-report-eng

    n the main land of Southeast Asia, deforestation is a major constraint of environmental change, and the changing of Land-Use and Land-Cover always influence by the government po...

  • Forest management improvement conserves biodiversity and strengthens livelihoods in Lao communities

    Over the last months, USAID LEAF has been supporting rural villages in Laos in planning to reforest areas that have been subject to extensive deforestation as a result of loc...

  • Resource development and the perpetuation of poverty in rural Laos

    Government efforts to industrialise and modernise the Lao economy through intensive resource development are having adverse effects on rural livelihoods as resources are degrade...

  • Sustaining river basin ecosystems in hydropower development

    A training manual by James Ramsay on Sustaining river basin ecosystems in hydropower development, published in Vientiane, Laos by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusamm...

  • Project for food security and livelifood improvement through sustainable agriculture and community based natural resource management

    Project for Food Security and Livelihood Improvement through Sustainable Agriculture and Community based Natural Resource Management

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