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Economic land concessions (ELCs)

Developer HLH Agriculture Cambodia Co. Ltd.
Adjustment classification Downsized
Contract term (year) 50
Developer country Not found
Developer address Not found
Contract date Not found
Granted land area (hectare) 9985
Source of land size Not found
Intended investment Agro-industry
Intended crop or project Unspecified crops
Director Not found
Director nationality Not found
Province/Capital city Kampong Speu
District/Khan(s) Aoral
Commune/Sangkat Trapeang Chhou
Town/Municipality Not found
Contract authority Ministry of Environment
Sub-decree reclassifying land use 3/30/2009
Previous land use Phnom Aural Wildlife Sanctuary
Developer land use plan Not found
IEIA/EIA status [2009] Completed study
Data classification Government data complete
Reference: Notification No.835 on the results of the inter-ministerial committee's meeting for assessment, measurement and evaluation of ELCs dated on 20 July 2015
Map of crossing path of ecological survey team of HLH Agriculture Cambodia Co., Ltd in Kampong Speu
Sub-Decree on Cutting 1,066.92 hectares of land in Oaral district of Kampong Spue province.
Sub-Decree on Cutting 458.16 hectares of land in Oaral district
Cutting 11,494.55 hectares in Trapaeng Chou and Ta Sal communes of Oaral district in Kampong Speu province
Sub-Decree No. 48 ANK.BK dated 30 March 2009 on Determining 9,985 hectares as sustainable use zones
Sub-Decree on Determining 9,985 hectares as sustainable use zones in Oaral Wildlife Sanctuary and Reclassyfing state public land as state private land