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  • Sub-national infrastructure project implementation in Cambodia (2014-2019)

    This dataset shows the​ number of project, contract, total project cost estimated and total contract value of sub-national infrastructure in Cambodia from 2014-2019 which extrac...

  • Report of actual revenue and expenditure of municipal/district /khan administration in the Kingdom of Cambodia (2015-2020)

    The report compares the actual revenue and expenditure with the estimated revenue and expenditure for a given period of time. The report also shows the deviation of the budget a...

  • Budget deviation of actual revenue and expenditure of district level

    The report also shows the budget deviation between actual revenue and expenditure, total revenue, total expenditure, total revenue and expenditure deviation that were selected.

  • Government Budget for Provincial Religious Committees in 2020

    Every year the state budget will set aside an amount for the religious government committee. From the religious committee the government will be disbursed to religious boards in...

  • Myanmar union-level budget data

    Union-level budget data from officially-published gazettes from Fiscal Year 2011-12 to 2017-18.

  • Gross domestic expenditure on research and development 2002

    The total amount spent by each Lower Mekong country on research and development in 2002 as a percentage of their GDPs. Collated for an interactive visualization on the OD Mekong...

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